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Most Requested Speaking Topics…

Below is an outline of my most requested presentation, just select the one you feel will cater to your specific audience.


What gets them up in the morning? What are their core values? What motivates them? What is the one thing that's always in the back of their mind? What characteristics do leaders have that followers don't have? And how to make the switch.

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What if it doesn’t work out? What if I lose everything. I can’t afford to take this type of risk. I’m too old, or too young. Can I really pull this off? No one believes in me. I even question my ability… And how to overcome these fears.

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Business CEO

What makes a successful entrepreneur? What specific business strategies do I need for my business? What marketing and management strategies do I need to implement to improve my business? How can I build long-term relationships with my customers/ clients?

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