I recently had the chance to sit down with Dr. Joe Serio. He is most known for his work investigating the Russian mafia as the Director of the Moscow office of the world’s leading corporate investigation and business intelligence firm. Dr. Joe Serio does Law Enforcement Development Training and wrote books on time management, finding what’s important, overcoming fear, and public speaking.

How do you define fear?

Fear is the gap between expectation: What I want to have happen and what I think will happen. We fill the gap with “I can’t do it.” “What if I’m not good enough?” Fear keeps up from going after the vision we have in our head. The number one reason businesses fail is because of fear.

In your book Overcoming Fear, you say the blame game can take many forms. Can you elaborate on that?

We think other people are responsible for our lives. We think if our parents were richer we wouldn’t be in the situation we’re in. If my wife or husband wasn’t such a nag, then I wouldn’t have gotten a divorce. However, I’m the only one responsible for my life. From the choices I make to the responses I make to what happens around me is what determines my success.  Do you have a successful mindset? Do you believe the story in your mind to be true? The answer to that last question is yes, but what is that story?

If you believe you can be successful, then you can be successful. If you don’t, then you can’t. But we can’t control the environment. What do you think about that?

If I want to attract success into my life, then I must have successful people around me.

Do you think people are afraid to leave their comfort zone because they are afraid to face their fears?

Everyone wants to feel comfort in their comfort zone. But everything happens outside the comfort zone. People need to run towards the discomfort.

For people who want to be entrepreneurs, what should be their first step?

Ask yourself about your beliefs and values. Why do I want to be an entrepreneur? Who has done this before me? Do I want to be an entrepreneur to find self-worth? Find an entrepreneur who knows what he’s doing. Also, your brain needs a specific goal to go after. For example, write down how much money you will make in 2016 and list how you will make it. Have a specific goal know what actions need to be taken to get there. Who are the people I need to attract into my life? Who can help me? Who can support me? I always ask my company clients that I’m working with: 1. Who are you? 2. What do you want? 3. How are you going to get there?



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